The Mosquito Pire

The Mosquito Pire

Adventure Children’s books Fiction

The Mosquito Pire

Author: Zeaton Rooks

Category: Fiction, Adventure, Children’s books

Series: Pires



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Felix G. Mosquito and his friends must fight their way across the treacherous swamp to the meadow, where they hope to find safety, but not everything works out as planned. Along the way, they meet deadly characters and learn valuable lessons about life.

Pires tales are fun adventure stories for children ages 7-13 and adults with a sense of humor.

Over thirty years ago, Zeaton Rooks created the first of the Pires character Felix the Mosquito Pire in a middle-school art class. Since that time, he has developed hundreds of Pires. Follow the adventures of Pires as they come to life in stories.

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