Sparrow Swift (Sparrow Swift Mood)

Sparrow Swift (Sparrow Swift Mood)

Adventure Fiction Young adult or teen

Sparrow Swift (Sparrow Swift Mood)

Author: Allan R. Wallace

Category: Fiction, Adventure, Young adult or teen

Series: Escaping Tyranny eXpat ePulps



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Sparrow Swift Mood is the fourth ePulp of the Sparrow Swift series Personal Sovereignty. When the fifth and final ePulp of this series is complete, a print anthology conveniently called Personal Sovereignty will be published. It will join the first 5 ePulp paperback anthology International Intrigue. I may start another series soon after.

My thanks go to Sarge for writing this and giving me time to attend Ingrid’s wedding and visit with friends.

Sparrow gets some help in this book from his old Sargent. Life is good for Sarge, he’s found a new home — then his adopted country is invaded and his village tainted. A bit of the old Sarge emerges. Sarge also tells a tale of a different way to fight.

“If you view change as a problem rather than an opportunity you’ll always be too late.” – Allan R. Wallace

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