Rules of Conduct in the Void, Chapter XIII

Rules of Conduct in the Void, Chapter XIII

Rules of Conduct in the Void, Chapter XIII

Rules of Conduct in the Void, Chapter XIII

, Chapter XIII


Category: Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy

Series: Rules of Conduct in the Void




Irene sits on the bed, negligently throws her foot on her foot, so that the floors of the robe be opened. But it doesn’t matter anymore.
– What’s new?
– Everything’s the same, – I respond evasively. – How are you?
By deceiving others, we before that deceive ourselves. We know that we were taught as a child that the best way, to tell the truth, is, to say the verity, but it is not always possible.
– I’m getting better, as you can see.
We are sitting in a room full of in silence and hush, – it’s a forerunner of parting. In dressing gown, Irene is charming, fact.
Irene looks me in the eye, but says nothing and asks me nothing. What a woman! At such moments, soul mates establish a verbal connection, a mental contact, when any words are superfluous. I feel like the last animal to be guided by the simple rule: “Love yourself, sneeze at everyone, and you will succeed in life!”
– Who do you work for, dear me?
– You know that I will not say anything. Intelligence officers don’t wear uniforms and insignia. However, I assure you, I am not against you.
– We could make a great couple.
– We could.
– But why?
– Probably the finger of God, my dear. Your eyes hide the depth and danger. Like a river whirlpool. Like a “black hole” in space, a region of space and time, the gravity of which is so high that no mortal can leave it without permission…
– But you are leaving me…
– Only because you let me. Forgive me if you can. And thank you for everything.
I kiss Irene with a long goodbye kiss. She hugs me, and I can feel her shivering and holding back tears. Why, why isn’t my Space Shuttle designed for two? But what can I do? Where I’m going, there is no place for her. It is excluded. At least not now. But there, how do you know? At that moment it seemed to me that we had met her already before, and I was kissing her on the cheek, and she was crying, promising to wait as long as I had to, but that’s where I can’t remember where. In Spain?

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