Mushroom Mandate

Mushroom Mandate

Mushroom Mandate

Mushroom Mandate


Category: Fiction, Adventure, Thriller & suspense




How much government is too much? How much protection becomes intrusive? How does the individual draw the line when decisions are made by the few for the many? In every land on this planet people ask these questions, even if they ask them quietly. Where has the educational system of any nation failed to provide basic reasoning skills and clear logic as the primary template for life here? When manipulation becomes common, when money and power become ends in themselves the individual comes to a time of personal choice. This is a story of people that have fallen into an uncommon grasp of a powerful manipulation whether they wished it or not.

Mushroom Mandate presents characters considered protective in a negative light. Yet it is other than a judgment of institutions and the devoted people that populate different agencies. If there is a message here it is that we, living men and women, have a responsibility to ourselves. That responsibility is to be truly self governing and self reliant and events will often make such responsibility challenging. Changing our selves into stronger men and women rather than changing our neighbors is the one solution that may be hardest to accomplish yet the most satisfying. The technology in Mushroom Mandate has been around for a while even if it might be unutilized.

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