hacktivist - Hacker School Attacked

hacktivist – Hacker School Attacked

Adventure Fiction Science fiction

hacktivist – Hacker School Attacked

Author: Allan R. Wallace

Category: Fiction, Adventure, Science Fiction

Series: cyberhug.me, Hacktivism – Speculative Fiction Stories



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Act One of the cyberhug.me novel. “We can’t predict when there will be no Next Time.”

“The other students have already left, their luggage in transit to dispersed assembly points. Shadow programs are giving Hacker School a semblance of normal activity.

We are scheduled to detonate this, and be on our way in fifteen minutes, morphing programs have already taken over. Any networked data about us is already worthless. Worms will devour off line systems containing student profiles when certain searches are keyed. The Dean is waiting till midnight with a morph program, mine is already well advanced. I’ve done this outside of hacker school permission or knowledge. Any questions?”

Jan looks hard at Billy. “Why are you emphasizing that you are acting outside of Hacker School permissions.”

He shocks them, “We have a mole, a high level administrator has compromised Hacker School.”

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