Chenarcor The Adventures of Alex & Toby

Chenarcor: The Adventures of Alex & Toby

Adventure Fiction

Chenarcor: The Adventures of Alex & Toby

Author: B. Heather Mantler

Category: Fiction, Adventure



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It is 1867 and I left the farm six months ago. I have reached this town called Cartwheel with only a few dollars left to my name. So far work had not come my way and I had not found anyone willing to teach me what I want to learn. I left home to become a gunslinger and go adventuring.
I used the few dollars I had left to enter the poker game that was in saloon. I knew that if I lost I would be begging for work from anyone willing to listen, but I left lucky that night. The other three men were not a good as I was and I won enough money to continue on. But the one man was willing to put me up for the night and offered to let me in on a job he had been hired to do. I had drank one too many and accepted his offer.
Now here I sit listening to Jacob Westcott talk about the job we are joining up with Alex Turner to do. I wonder whether this job will be everything I dreamed of, or whether I will end up back at the farm without anything to show for it.

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