Calum's Warning

Calum’s Warning

Adventure Fiction

Calum’s Warning

Author: Leigh Barker

Category: Fiction, Adventure

Series: Clan – Season 1



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Another Bitesize Read. Clan, Episode 5 – the next 1 hour episode following our hero, Calum Maclean.

He must warn the Prince and his friend Lord Elcho that the English have laid a deadly ambush for the rebel army on the road to Carlisle.

Colonel York has taken command of the infantry column that has doubled in number now that Loudoun’s Campbells have joined it.

The Prince has two thousand men, so York’s three hundred should not have been a problem, but they have five cannon set up for overlapping fire on the road the rebels will use.
It will be a massacre, unless Calum can warn the Prince.

But York’s company is between Calum and the rebel army. And so is a crazy scout with a sabre and an 18” butcher’s knife.

If Calum is to succeed in his mission, he has a very long and very dangerous night ahead of him.

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