Calum's Voyage

Calum’s Voyage

Adventure Fiction

Calum’s Voyage

Author: Leigh Barker

Category: Fiction, Adventure

Series: Clan – Season 2



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Clan: Season 2, Episode 2. Calum’s Voyage

A Bitesize 1 hour Read.

With Cumberland’s army hunting down every Scotsman suspected of being involved in the failed rebellion, Calum Maclean and Big John Mackintosh have to flee the Highlands.

They secure passage on a mechantman heading for America. A merchantman full of deportees sold into indentured slavery by the English. Men and women crammed like cattle on the small ship. Scottish men and women.

Calum swears he will not interfere. But as always, Fate has other plans.

The voyage to America will take 6 weeks, but with 50 women on board, a mutinous crew and the every-present French Navy patrols, it may well be an eternity.

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