Calum's Stand

Calum’s Stand

Adventure Fiction

Calum’s Stand

Author: Leigh Barker

Category: Fiction, Adventure

Series: Clan – Season 1



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Clan, Episode 10 – the next Bitesize episode following our hero, Calum Maclean.

Calum and John leads the Manchester Regiment on a mission to delay the Duke of Cumberland’s dragoons.

If he fails, the English will catch the Bonnie Prince’s army on the road back to the border. It will be a massacre.

Lord Elcho asks him to make a stand and save the Jacobite army, and he agrees.

The English duke has four thousand men. Calum’s regiment is three hundred strong. Not really a regiment, but that’s all he has.

And with those men, Calum will stand. And if the day goes badly, then with those men, Calum will die.

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