Calum's Rage

Calum’s Rage

Adventure Fiction

Calum’s Rage

Author: Leigh Barker

Category: Fiction, Adventure

Series: Clan – Season 1



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Another Bitesize read! Clan Episode 4 ~ a 1 hour episode following our hero, Calum Maclean, as he desperately races to save the last of his kin.

Colonel York has failed to capture Calum so takes his revenge by dragging away young Jamie to be hanged for a rebel.

Calum’s rage boils over as he races towards the English camp. And the 200 infantry that remain after his gamble paid off and they suffered a terrible mauling.

It’s just a few miles to the English encampment, but it’s all enemy territory. All York has to do is haul the boy up by the neck. Calum knows time is running out, and gallops flat out along the road. Straight into the English patrol.

Finally, York looks as though he will get some small revenge for the trouble Calum has caused him. Even if the rebel is just a 12 year old boy.

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